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Biblical Creationism versus Scientific Origin Essay example

Commonly, religious discussion turns to the subject of origins. There are two reasons for this: firstly, there are those with a literal or semi-literal interpretation of the Bible (or other relevant holy book) who remain convinced that the world was created in the recent past looking more or less as it does today. Obviously, this issue must be resolved before the existence or nature of the deity can even begin to be discussed! Secondly, even those with the more common, nonliteral interpretation of the creation story often use arguments that arent valid to insist on direct interference by a deity at one or more points in the past. And while thanks to its flexibility this tinkering God theory cannot be ruled out to the same degree as†¦show more content†¦Age of trilobites. Mesozoic (245-65 Mya): Middle epoch; from the Permian extinction until the K-T (dinosaur) extinction. Age of dinosaurs. Cenozoic (65-0 Mya): Recent epoch. Starts with the K-T extinction and continues today. Age of mammals. Subject 1: Evolution and the Origins of Life The most immediate question one can ask regarding origins is where humans - and, for that matter, other life forms - came from. The secular world has long since identified evolution as the theory that best answers this question. The theory of evolution is also the target of the vast majority of creationist attacks, probably because they find the idea of humans stemming from lower life forms particularly abhorrent. Many of the criticisms are dated or irrelevant; others are outright falsehoods. In any event, with very few exceptions they refer to the same categories of evidence as supporters of evolution do but draw different interpretations, generally using arguments that are either based on a minority of cases but are refuted by many others, based on false premises, or philosophically unacceptable. Ill try to address in advance all of them below. Hierarchal pattern of structural similarities and differences between organisms The oldest and most general line of evidence for large-scale evolution (macroevolution) is the fact that the outward properties of life are organized in a hierarchal pattern:Show MoreRelatedThe Origin Of Life And Evolution1744 Words   |  7 Pagesand thought with the methodology of science in most human activities has enabled a great deal of scientific and technological advancements for humanity in the last centuries. On the contrary, even though it is nearly 150 years since the Origin of Species (Charles Darwin, 1859), it seems paradoxical that there are still a great significant amount of people who maintain an anti-darwian position on the origin of life and species. A poll done by Gallup Institute in 2004 showed that an approximate of 42%Read MoreThe Big Bang Theory And Evolution1612 Words   |  7 PagesBang theory, but through the Biblical creation theory. Due to their disagreements he had traveled to a different country only to fail to understand his new professor s teaching s The United States of America was founded upon the Christian God but yet teachers are not even allowed to teach about the Biblical creation theory of how Earth was made. They are forced to only teach about the big-bang theory and evolution. What students are being taught today is only a scientific theory and can not be provedRead MoreEssay about The Influence of Religion on Scientific Advancement1737 Words   |  7 Pagesreligious movements have occasionally impeded scientific discovery; however, there is also evidence that scientific progression has been aided by religious ideology. By examining both the negative and positive roles religion has played in history, modern times, and the overall area of morality, one can determine the true extent to which faith hinders scientific advancement. The Catholic Inquisitions exemplify one area in which religion has impeded scientific advancement, particularly in reference toRead MoreEvolution Through the Influence of God1605 Words   |  7 PagesControversy of the origin of life has increased. People feel evidence is necessary to determine a faith and many fear going against the word of God or nature of science. These people have established their own â€Å"religion† or belief called the intelligent design theory. Through a combination of scientific evidence and Biblical moralities, the intelligent design theory was established to accommodate believers in the divine Christ and the theory of evolution. This group believes that evolution is occurringRead More Creation Versus Evolution - Both Arguments Can be Right Essay4913 Words   |  20 Pages Creation Versus Evolution â€Å"Creation Versus Evolution.† What’s wrong with this title? Read it to yourself a few times, and then answer that question. We’ve all heard of the argument. Creationism, the idea that God created all the species as they appear today, versus Evolutionism, the idea that all life evolved from simple bacteria to all the species that appear today, is a familiar controversy. Ever since Darwin first published the Theory of Evolution in his controversial 1859 book The OriginRead MoreEssay on Creation vs. Evolution in the Public Schools1342 Words   |  6 Pagesneither opinions’ palpability can be firmly upheld through scientific manners. Since science can only prove hypotheses that are testable and based on current observations, neither creation nor evolutionary concepts can be proven with irrefutable evidence. However, regardless of the inability to prove either concept, most public school systems promote evolution as a scientific fact. Many students who lack firm beliefs about the origin of life believe what they are taught without giving any personalRead MoreThe Debate Between Evolution and Creationism1648 Words   |  7 Pagesthe question was posed as to what is the debate between creationism vs. evolution consist of, the thought that it is ‘â€Å"God did it† vs. â€Å"Natural processes did it,†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Scott, 2004) may arise. Science cannot absolutely prove or disprove Creation or Evolution. Yet scientist and the remainder of society use creationism and evolution to prove our existence. Creationist believe in the Christian account of the origin as recorded in Genesis. Creationism is the belief that statements such as â€Å"In the beginningRead MoreDefending Evolution And Its Importance1286 Words   |  6 Pagesdefinition of creationism is the belief that the universe and living organisms originated from specific acts of a divine creation, as a biblical account, rather than natural processes such as evolution. Creationism is perhaps one of the biggest roadblocks that divides the educational system; it prevents the teaching of biological evolut ion because evolution is inconsistent with creationist ideals. Thus many court cases and debates have been devoted to the topic of creationism versus evolution. TheRead MoreThe Creationism Question Essay1829 Words   |  8 PagesIn a historical context, creationism versus the theory of evolution has always been a hotly contested subject, one of the major breakthroughs being when Darwin publicized his theory of evolution. When Darwin published his theory of evolution in 1859, his book was considered a major technological breakthrough at that time. The seeming â€Å"proof† that a God didn’t exist created a catalyst, where creationism was replaced with an almost atheism, because the existence of evolution counteracted society’sRead MoreEssay on Creation’s Contest with Evolution2006 Words   |  9 Pagesthe largest controversies in todays public school systems: should creationism still be taught in public schools? In the trial, Clarence Darrow argued that teaching creationism in public schools defies the separation of church and state (which is pulled from the first amendment). Darrow moved on to say that evolution does not disobey the first amendment. The trial denied all public schools the right to teach creationism-a belief that humans were created by a higher being-although evolution

Information Free Essays

The term data refers to qualitative or quantitative attributes of a variable or set of variables. Data, which is the plural of datum are typically the results of measurements and can be the basis of graphs, images, or observations of a set of variables. Data are often viewed as the lowest level of abstraction from which information and then knowledge are derived. We will write a custom essay sample on Information or any similar topic only for you Order Now Raw data refers to a collection of numbers, characters, images or other outputs from devices that collect information to convert physical quantities into symbols that are unprocessed. The data being collected by Freeway Ford pertaining to the dates when cars were purchased and the names of the owners are just numbers and characters, and as my definition of Information below will show, the inability of Freeway Ford to translate this data into anything meaningful renders it short of being described as information. Information, on the other hand, is raw data that (1) has been verified to be accurate and timely, (2) is specific and organized for a purpose, (3) is presented within a context that gives it meaning and relevance, and which (4) leads to increase in understanding and decrease in uncertainty. The value of information lies solely in its ability to affect a behavior, decision, or outcome. A piece of information is considered valueless if, after receiving it, things remain unchanged. In the case of Freeway Ford, if the company had been contacting customers about routine maintenance with the data it had collected about the purchase dates of cars and the names of their owners, and if the company had further followed up three to four years later, when car owners are generally known to be ready to trade in their cars to try and get them to do trade-ins with Freeway Ford, the data they had collected would have translated into something useful, something that could change the way business was being done, and would have information. How to cite Information, Essay examples

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Sarah Osorio MCHS Essays - Indian Religions, Buddhism, Religion

Sarah Osorio MCHS Jae/Final Project 12/5/16 The Principles of Buddhism Buddhism is a widely followed religion by many countries. It was founded about 2,500 years ago by an Indian prince named Siddhartha Gotama. The prince grew up in northeast India, in a place which is known today as Nepal. The prince was born around 563 BCE , to King Sudhodana and Queen Maya. The prince lived in a palace with his family, which was gifted to him by his father. As Siddhartha matured, he became known as the Buddha, which means the enlightened one . Buddhism is derived from Hinduism, but there are still many differences. For example, Hindus follow polytheism, while Buddhists follow atheism. Also, Hinduism has the caste system, which is based on skin color and wealth. The reason Hinduism and Buddhism have such a strong relationship is because the in the area in which Buddhism was born, there were many practicing Hindus. They also have things in common such as reincarnation, they both believe in Nirvana, and they both believe that life is suffering. As the religion evolved, people interpreted things Siddhartha said in two different ways. These are known as Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism. Theravada teaches its followers to worry more about themselves than others and that reaching N irvana is their ultimate goal in life. Nirvana is similar to heaven for Buddhists. In Nirvana, there is no suffering, desire, or sense of self. Unlike Mahayana, they strive for wisdom first, meaning they strive to be as open minded and well informed as the Buddha. While Mahayana teaches to always put others needs before one's own needs, Mahayana believes that compassion is the highest virtue. Specifically, caring and being empathetic towards others is the best quality to have and shows great humbleness. While the people who follow Theravada have the ultimate goal to reach Nirvana for themselves, the followers of Mahayana strive to help the people around them reach Nirvana. Although Buddhism has these two different views, they both believ e in the four noble truths and the 8 fold path. These are guidelines that tell Buddhists how to live their lives. The 8 fold path teaches people to always have respect for one another and to focus on what is important . Such as having right intention, understanding, and action. The 4 noble truths teach you that although life is suffering, it always has an end. Buddhist's have two ways of looking at the belief system, both with a different perspective on life, but the belief system of Buddhism and the Buddha are selfless. Siddartha Gotama, the Buddha, made sure that all beings were taken care of even if it meant damaging his own relationships. One day the prince came across a white swan that was injured, he saw the bird and immediately began to help it. For example, "He said that he had saved the swans life, and therefore it belonged to him" (3). This shows that the prince is selfless because he didn't care about the fact that the swan technically belonged to his cousin, only that he was able to save it. Although it might have angered and hurt his cousin, the prince was more worried about the fact that the swan was injured and was willing to risk anything to save it. Both boys wanted the bird so badly that they took it to the court, but as expected Siddartha won and got to save the bird's life. In following the Buddha's example , Mahayana Buddhism teaches its followers to help all members of the community and to put others before themselves. According to the class lecture on November 14, 2016, the Mahayana version asks its followers to hold off on entering Nirvana, "To help all others...enter first . " Siddhartha shows this when he goes on his journey to cure people's fear of old age, disease, and death. Although this took a great toll on his body and eventually made him extremely thin and endure whatever mother nature had to offer him, he persevered and was focused on the well being of his community and helping put an end to sorrow. He was more worried about the well being of his

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A Mount Saint Helens Story essays

A Mount Saint Helens Story essays I went to the mountain with the expectation of seeing firsthand, the explosive remains of a tragic, destructive, volcanic eruption. This turned out to be just the beginning of an extraordinary, educational experience that made me want to learn more. The 1980 eruption on Mount Saint Helens remains the most powerful and most documented explosion in U. S. history. When Mount Saint Helens erupted, 57 people lost their lives. Death was instantaneous for those close to the eruption; an entire family found still sitting in their car, a couple found in a tent with their arms around each other, and several other bodies were never located. Destruction was widespread; old-growth forests were leveled, floods raged, and ash circled the globe. The Cowlitz Indians that reside in the area call the mountain Lawetlia, or smoking mountain. An alpine lake with crystal clear water is at the mountains base. The Cowlitz Indians named it Spirit Lake, because they believe the region belongs to the dead. Certainly the Cowlitz Indians knew of the mountains previous eruption in1837. They knew to listen to the earth and at 8:32 AM on Sunday May 18, 1980, the rest of the world learned to listen, as the mountain came to life again. The eruption completely transformed the cone-shaped peak of Mount Saint Helens, melting city-sized glaciers in seconds, and destroying everything for 19 miles to the northwest. After months of rumblings, Mount Saint Helens has since settled into a slumber, though this may be a fitful sleep. In 1995, U.S. Geological Survey scientists released a study saying, Sufficient time has elapsed for the magma, the liquid and molten rock in the conduit beneath the dome to crystallize and form a plug. The pressure needed to expel the plug could produce an explosion similar in size to the 1980 eruption (Campbell and Barber. Th ...

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Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, Saxon Ruler

Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, Saxon Ruler Aethelflaed (Ethelfleda) was the eldest child and daughter of Alfred the Great and sister of Edward the Elder, king of Wessex (ruled 899-924). Her mother was Ealhswith, who was from the ruling family of Mercia. Who She Was   She married Aethelred, lord  (ealdorman) of Mercia,  in 886. They had a daughter, Ælfwynn. Aethelflaeds father Alfred put London in the care of his son-in-law and daughter. She and her husband supported the Church, giving generous grants to local religious communities. Aethelred joined her husband Aethelred and her father in fighting against Danish invaders. How Aethelred Died In 911 Aethelred was killed in battle with the Danes, and Aethelflaed became the political and military ruler of the Mercians. She may have been the de facto ruler for a few years during her husbands illness. After her husbands death, the people of Mercia gave her the title Lady of the Mercians, a feminine version of the title that her husband had held. Her Legacy She built fortresses in western Mercia as a defense against invading and occupying Danes. Aethelflaed took an active role, and led her forces against the Danes at Derby and captured it, and then defeated them at Leicester. Aethelflaed even invaded Wales in retribution for the killing of an English Abbott and his party. She captured the wife of the king and 33 others and held them as a hostage. In 917, Aethelflaed captured Derby and was able to take power in Leicester. The Danes there submitted to her rule. Final Resting Place In 918, the Danes in York offered their allegiance to Aethelflaed as protection against Norwegians in Ireland. Aethelflaed died that year. She was buried at the monastery of St. Peter at Gloucester, one of the monasteries built with funds from her Aethelred and Aethelflaed. Aethelflaed was succeeded by her daughter Aelfwyn, whom Aethelflaed had made a joint ruler with her. Edward, who already controlled Wessex, seized the kingdom of Mercia from Aelfwyn, took her captive, and thus solidified his control over most of England. Aelfwyn is not known to have married and may have gone to a convent. Edwards son, Aethestan, who ruled 924-939, was educated at the court of Aethelred and Aethelflaed. Known for:  defeating the Danes at Leicester and Derby, invading Wales Occupation:  Mercian ruler (912-918) and military leader Dates:  872-879? - June 12, 918 Also known as:  Ethelfleda, Ethelflaed,  Aelfled, Æthelflà ¦d, Aeoelfled Family Father: Alfred the Great (Ælfred), ruled Wessex 871-899.  He was the son of  Ãƒâ€ thelwulf, King of Wessex and his first wife, Osburh (Osburga).  Mother: Ealhswith of the Gaini, daughter of  Ãƒâ€ thelred Mucil  of the Gaini tribe and Eadburh, a Mercian royal.  As was Saxon custom, she was not crowned or titled queen.Brother: Edward the Elder, king of Wessex (ruled 899-924)Sister: Aethelgiva, Abbess of ShaftesburyBrother: Aethelwaerd (three sons with no descendants)Sister:  Aelfthryth, married Baldwin, Count of Flanders (Aelfthryth was the 4th great-grandmother of  Matilda of Flanders, married to William the Conqueror, and thus an ancestor of later British royalty)Husband: Aethelred (Ethelred, Æthelrà ¦d), Earl of MerciaDaughter: Aelfwyn (Aelfwynn, Ælfwynn, Ælfwyn,  Elfwina)

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Workflow Interdependence Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Workflow Interdependence - Case Study Example The departments handling the processing can come together to increase the capacity as well as pool their resources together. They can network with one another in order to get experts to work in different departments to provide input and boost results as they all work for the same company. In order for proper interdependence to occur, it is necessary to limit the time used in the different departments for effectiveness. The processing time for example should be shortened and this is only possible with increase in capacity of the workers handling the processing. Lack of interchanging ideas and frequent open communication is what is leading to slow processing as well as risking an increase in customer complaints affecting the overall performance of the company. More interdependence means more ultimate success for the supervisors, workers and customers (Bhatia, 2008). The workflow issues are not managed properly as there are problems with communication between departments as well as issues with the technology. If the current design can focus on their workflow technology, then their design problems can be a thing of the past. The problems with the current design are evident in the article from the point in which customers are returning the products, asking for refund and the long time it takes to correct the product (Chandan, 2009). The current design of the workflow relies on the reception department to place the products in the right departments. Once each department is assigned a product, it is up to the supervisor to seek the workers to carry out assessment and those who will carry out the actual work on the product depending on their skills and knowledge of the product. This whole process consumes a lot of time which can be used in creation of more effective structures and design to minimize errors in future. Organizational effectiveness demands proper coordination